RobeCurls Shines Alongside Dyson in Glamour's Prime Day 2023 Deals

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NEW YORK, NY. – October 10, 2023 – RobeCurls, the revolutionary brand known for its innovative heatless curling headband, and Dyson, a global leader in cutting-edge technology, share the spotlight in Glamour's recent article on the "54 Best Prime Day Deals 2023," written by Andrea Navarro and Jake Smith and
published on October 10, 2023. In this prestigious publication accessible here:
2fbclid=IwAR2_IU11sKm4ABVyLNmfBPGSXEONhgII3Mpx9VyAE5APQbLoRo0pCD23t70, RobeCurls and Dyson were highlighted side by side, underscoring the significance of these two brands during Prime Big Deal Days. As Glamour's editors combed through the vast array of discounts offered on Amazon Prime Day, they specifically spotlighted the extraordinary value of RobeCurls' heatless curling headband and Dyson's innovative offerings.

Emily Kenison, Founder and Inventor of RobeCurls, expressed her excitement, "Sharing the stage with Dyson in Glamour's Prime Day recommendations is a remarkable achievement for us. We are honored to stand alongside a global technology leader like Dyson. It speaks volumes about our dedication to providing
innovative, accessible, and effective hair care solutions."

Glamour's article not only celebrates the arrival of Prime Big Deal Days but also acknowledges the significance of these two powerhouse brands side by side. RobeCurls, with its commitment to effortless heatless curls, and Dyson, a global technology leader, represent a fusion of beauty and innovation that captivates
consumers seeking excellence in their hair care and household needs. This pairing underscores the evolving landscape of beauty and technology, reaffirming that RobeCurls and Dyson are prime choices for those who demand the very best.

As the curtain rises on Prime Big Deal Days, RobeCurls and Dyson stand shoulder to shoulder, offering you unbeatable products that cater to your beauty and technological aspirations. The recognition in Glamour's prestigious article not only validates their excellence but also sets the stage for a shopping experience that combines innovation, style, and affordability. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your hair care and home solutions this Prime Day with RobeCurls and Dyson, ensuring you make the most of this exclusive event. Explore the complete selection and experience a new standard of excellence, as these two remarkable brands redefine beauty and technology.

About RobeCurls:
RobeCurlsⓇ is the trailblazing brand reshaping hairstyling for generations to come with its groundbreaking heatless Curling HeadbandTM and its mission to inspire optimism through originality. Since its debut in 2020, the Curling Headband has paved the way for a completely new category of curling tools, and is heralded as the #1 award-winning heatless curler, amassing over 3,000+ 5-star reviews from real customers, and regularly featured in top press outlets like Glamour, TodayShow, BuzzFeed, and Cosmopolitan. Invented by founder Emily
Kenison, RobeCurls' innovative, fashion-forward headband blends style and function, featuring their proprietary H2air-TexTM fabric designed to create longer-lasting curls and promote hair health. RobeCurls is redefining hair styling for generations to come and stands at the forefront of the hairstyling industry with its core values of delivering superior innovation and providing exceptional customer support, including CurlTalks – free 1-on-1 virtual consultations – that is reshaping the hairstying experience. RobeCurls is 100% woman-owned and dedicated to environmentally consciousness practices, proudly being Climate Neutral Certified and 1% for the Planet member.

For more information:
Instagram: @robecurls
YouTube: @robecurls
Press contact:
(979) 364-5364

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