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Empower optimism through originality

About us

Our Story

With zero funding and limited resources, Emily Kenison invented RobeCurls® as a solution to everyday hair challenges. Inspired by the TikTok trend of #robecurls, Emily teamed up with a local fashion student to develop her invention. After gathering feedback from over 500 customers, our patented Curling Headband™ has been refined to suit all hair types. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices and partnership with 1% for the Planet make RobeCurls® the perfect tool for the movement of the future. Try it today and see the difference for yourself.

Our Founder

Meet Emily Kenison, a first-generation Turkish-American inventor who creates innovative solutions for everyday consumers. Her passion for the environment and people drives her to redefine women-led entrepreneurship in the fashion and beauty industry. With her unique perspective and dedication to making a difference, Emily is leading the way in creating a new era of sustainable, user-friendly products. Make sure to checkout what else she is up to at Emikeni.com

Our purpose

As the creators of the first Curling Headband™, our goal is to empower women to reach their full potential. We care about the products we use and are dedicated to creating sustainable, innovative solutions for everyday life. Our heatless hairstyling techniques are designed to reshape the narrative around curling and pave the way for a new chapter in fashion, beauty, and healthy curls.

We Care


1% for the Planet


100% Women Owned


Climate Neutral

Awards & Recognition

2022 NY Product Design Awards

2022 American Business Award

2022 Beauty Innovations Award

2022 Titan Business Award

2022 New York Design Award

Where it all started

Original Indiegogo video that got us successfully funded.