Hot curls
without heat.

Create perfect heatless curls and waves with our new heatless Curling Headband.

Curling Headband

Create perfect heatless curls and waves — anytime, anywhere — with our new Curling Headband. Made with premium satin charmeuse and souped up with patent pending technology that locks in moisture, healing damaged hair. The result is shinier, healthier, longer-lasting curls. Oh and did we mention it takes only 90 seconds of effort? These are not your grandma’s rollers.


Easy and effortless. It takes only 90 seconds to use! Just wrap slightly damp hair, add scrunchies and twist to secure.


Anytime, anywhere. While you sleep or play... even while you work up a sweat. Stylish, comfortable and secure.


Healthier, longer-lasting curls. Unwrap once hair is dry to reveal perfect curls that last all day.
Looking good curlfriend!
Looking good curlfriend!
Looking good curlfriend!
Looking good curlfriend!
Looking good curlfriend!
Looking good curlfriend!
Looking good curlfriend!
The Original

Curling Headband

4.9/5.0 (3,000 reviews)
Our patent pending curling headband creates 1” - 1 ½”  heatless curls. From #robecurls to RobeCurls™, the viral TikTok hack turned into reality now for sale. Get yours today while they are still in stock. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. 100% money back gurantee.
  • Hair healthy satin charmeuse
  • Plush microfiber fleece lining
  • Integrated wire for secure wear
Color: Black
Color: Rose
Color: Mocha
Color: Cobalt
Color: Cream
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" Soft, durable, and gorgeous results! This heatless method is saving my hair quality. I'm telling all my friends about how much I love mine. "
“They look amazing!”
— @fallon_hart
“Best curling tool. Ever.”
— @reagan__curtis
Hey Curlfriend,

My name is Emily, and I am the inventor and founder of RobeCurls™. By purchasing this product, you are supporting a woman-founded business and partaking in our journey. If you have any questions or want a personal tutorial on how to get the best curls out of your RobeCurls™, please reach out. I would love to hear from you.

Emily Kenison