How to curl your hair with the Curling Headband.



Start with dry or very lightly damp hair. Then part your hair, separating it into two. Take your Curling Headband™ and lay it evenly across the top of your head, like a headband, with the wire in front. Secure one section in place by wrapping the Curling Headband™ end around it.



On the other section, separate a small front piece of hair and wrap it over and around the Curling Headband™ once. Then add a second piece to the first and wrap it over and around. Repeat until you've done about 3-5 total sections. Secure with the scrunchie. Now repeat for the other side.



Holding both ends, twist them away from your face to tighten the hairstyle. To secure the hairstyle into an updo, pull the ends towards the back of your head, crossing and folding them over each other.



Wear overnight or out for the day for a minimum of 1-2 hours. Remove only once



That's it! You now have that healthy bouncy hair with curls that last for days. Go enjoy yourself, Curlfriend™.


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