General Questions

Our RobeCurls Curling Headband is the original heatless curling tool that is made for all hair types and is designed to wrap, wear, and rock to create flawless curls that last all day!

We’re glad you asked! First of all - we stand behind our product 100%. Secondly, our product is eco-friendly, stylish, and keeps curls 5x longer than any other product on the market.

Our Curling Headband is vegan-friendly made from synthetic fibers called satin poly charmeuse. The inner liner is made of H²air-Tex™ microfiber fleece, which is patent pending technology that holds antimicrobial properties. Complete with a built-in wire to keep your hair in place, it is sustainable and gorgeous to wear!

One-On-One CurlTalks

We offer free one-on-one sessions with our curling experts called CurlTalks to help you get the most out of your Curling Headband. Our curling experts are ready to help you achieve the perfect curls you are looking for and answer any questions you may have. You can schedule a session here.


Yes, our Curling Headband works wonderfully with shorter hairstyles! We recommend shoulder length hair, but have seen amazing results with chin length hair too! Sign up for a CurlTalk here to get the best out of shorter hairstyles.

Absolutely yes! There are two ways to go about this,

1. Use two Curling Headbands and twist them together at the top of your head to use the full length on either side.

2. Double your hair up towards the bottom of the Curling Headband by wrapping one section on top of another.

3. To make life easy, watch this tutorial.

RobeCurls lasts 5x longer than any heat method out there. Curling irons dry out your hair, which leaves room for moisture in the air to sneak in and ruin your curls. With our Curling Headband, it helps lock in natural moisture for healthier curls that last all day long.

Absolutely! RobeCurls can help you define your curls to wake up with reduced frizz and less breakage. Even better, you don’t have to rewash in the morning if you wear it overnight, which is perfect for quick mornings or heading out for an adventure!

Yes! For best results, we recommend wrapping shorter layers underneath longer sections to keep it securely in place. Watch the tutorial here.

Of course! Our products work with both natural and synthetic hair with no long term damage.

Absolutely yes! Simply wrap your hair in tighter and bigger sections as you curl it around the headband. For best results, schedule a personalized CurlTalk with our experts here.


Yes! The pillowy soft H²air-Tex™ microfiber fleece and satin poly charmeuse material combats friction while you sleep and keeps you comfortable all night long with perfect curls in the morning. To help make it more comfortable, we recommend leaving both sections of the headband down on the sides of your head and not tied in the back. Watch the tutorial here for more tips.

We recommend it! From yoga, to running, and full-contact sports, the built-in wire keeps your hair secure and the fabric expertly wicks away moisture while you workout.

Yes! Check out some ideas for how to style your hair here.

Traveling with your Curling Headband

Yes, you can wear it through TSA US airports with no issue. We have worn it through TSA's at both big US airports (JFK, Miami) and smaller ones and it has not triggered the metal detector/body scan.


Yes, simply wash your headband in cold water with mild detergent and let it hang to dry. With the antimicrobial properties in the material, you won’t have to wash your headband very often!

This can potentially happen over time where the fabric can sneakily move around. Don’t worry - we have a remedy! Watch the video here.


All our packages come with a QR code that links directly to a how-to video for you to get started. Once you receive your Curling Headband, you can also sign up for a free CurlTalk where our curling experts can walk you through the steps to get your perfect curls!

Ideally your hair is 98% dry when you put in your headband. For more about what the best method is, watch the video here.

We recommend wearing your Curling Headband overnight for longer lasting curls, but some hair types can achieve perfect curls within an hour, or you can wear your Curling Headband out and about all day!

We recognize that all hair types are different and act differently with various products. As a general recommendation, you can use a light curl holding product before you put in your headband for optimal results. We also suggest getting our Mr. Spritzer product for misting dry hair before you put your headband in. Add it to your cart here.

For ages 5+, RobeCurls uses heatless methods and keeps little heads safe with less knots to brush through later!


The most common reason for curls not holding is that your hair may be too wet. Start with dry hair and lightly mist it before putting your headband on. To help further, you can add in your regular hair products to keep curls in place.

We have a simple solution for you! Take your Curling Headband and lay it evenly across the top of your head like a headband. Part your hair how you want to and secure one side in place by wrapping that side of the Curling Headband end around the section of hair. For a full tutorial, watch the video here.

Don’t worry, it does take a little practice! To fix the issue, try to use smaller sections of hair to tightly wrap around the headband to achieve the halo hairstyle you see in our photos!

We hear you and that is exactly why we do one-on-one CurlTalk sessions where you can talk with a curl expert to get the best results possible! Sign up here.


We direct all order questions to our customer service advocate who can help you! If you haven’t received your order, placed an order by mistake, sent the order to the wrong address, or are unsure about the status of your order, you can contact us at hello@robecurls.com or in the chat window in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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