How To Quit Buying Packs of Scrunchies From the Grocery Store

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It’s a Tuesday and the air is boiling hot outside, so you duck into the grocery store that is blasting the AC to wander aimlessly through the aisles. Maybe you’ll pick up a few snacks that won’t melt while you’re there. 

As you step through the aisles, you dodge unaware people and take in the sights of the brightly lit cereal boxes claiming their right to the shelf. The fluorescent bulbs hanging on the ceiling suddenly make you painfully aware you scuffed your shoes earlier on a curb that came out of nowhere, and as you lean your head down, your scrunchie falls in slow motion towards the not-so-clean-possibly-sticky floor of the store.

You stand there and wince at the misfortune. As you bend down in one sigh to pick up your last remaining scrunchie on hand, you remember all the times a simple daily item left you feeling unsupported. 

Scrunchies Gone Wrong

By the time you make it to the beauty aisle, the shampoo smells are already wafting up your nose. You step carefully across the tiles of the floor to the frazzled display of hair accessories. Bobby pins, sporty headbands that never last, hair brushes, and…there it is, a generic 12-pack of scrunchies. 

You know the scrunchies are not stylish. In fact, they don’t match anything you own. The cat will probably steal them anyway, you think. So you make the quick decision to buy the pack that inevitably will take on the role of a magician, where one by one they will disappear to the car, the backpack, and that one jacket pocket. For the select few that survive, they will stretch out far too quickly and you know deep down to your core, that you will be in this very same aisle again next month. 

As you move towards the check-out line, you ponder how to break the cycle of buying large packs of scrunchies at the grocery store. When the heat inevitably blasts your existence in the parking lot, you can no longer think of any solid solutions about a better way forward. Surely, it can be better than this. 

This isn’t the only example of scrunchies gone wrong in the wild, but it’s safe to say that many of us experience a lack of quality in the scrunchie department. It’s hard to find decent colors to match anything, and you know that a simple item you use almost daily is actively hurting the environment you so adamantly want to protect. 

Scrunchies Made Better 

Curlfriend, we’ve been there time and time again, which is exactly why RobeCurls founder and inventor designed the Skinny Scrunch! The Skinny Scrunch pairs beautifully with a Curling Headband, but it also is a great daily companion. From running errands, to playing soccer with friends, or even going out on a date, the Skinny Scrunch is made to be stylishly functional and eco-friendly. 

The scrunchies you use everyday should support you, protect our environment, and actively give you more confidence to do anything you set your mind to. Even better, the Skinny Scrunch is designed with silky smooth satin charmeause that is vegan-friendly with an elastic that won’t let you down.

You can finally break the cycle, and add a product to your collection that is made to last.

Ready to quit that 12-pack of scrunchies? Find a pack that fits your style.

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