RobeCurls is now available in Target stores nationwide!

Posted by Emily Kenison on

Since its debut in 2020, RobeCurls has been leading the way in reshaping heatless curls. We are thrilled to announce that RobeCurls is now available in Target stores nationwide and online at

Our partnership with Target proves that there is space for women-led inventions that are changing how we go about our everyday life. Featuring a seamless blend of style and functionality, RobeCurls holds curls longer and protects hair health.

”What sets RobeCurls apart is our commitment to innovative design and supporting women in their everyday life. We are thrilled to bring RobeCurls to Target stores nationwide and provide their guests with innovative hair solutions that lead to stunning heatless curls,” says Emily.

Order yours today with an exclusive 30% discount, bringing the price down to $19.99. This special offer is only available at Target so get yours before they fly off the shelves!

Thank you for supporting RobeCurls and being a part of the community here, we can’t wait to see you find RobeCurls in your next #targetrun!

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