RobeCurls 3rd partnership with FabFitFun

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We have some really exciting news to share with you, which is that this week , you're going to find robe curls on FabFitFun's website. We are part of their FabFitFun summer offering and you'll find our scrunchies there for a limited time. 

FabFitFun is incredible and if you don't know who they are, they do these subscription boxes curating some of like the best products for women in beauty and wellness and health and so make shopping super easy.

They just deliver it right to you. So having been selected by their buyers really is an honor because they do their due diligence and really care about the products that they offer to their subscribers.

Now, when we were creating our curling headband, we tried to actually source scrunchies and the scrunchies that we found were all super tight and leading to curls that were way too tight and spirally because they just clamped down too hard at the end of your headband.

So they'd be like, and so we had to actually redesign our scrunchies. We wanted them to be super stretchy. So these scrunchies have like amazing stretch, which means that they're not going to be tight on your wrist or in your hair, and 📍 that they're made from satin charmeuse so that they're extra hair healthy, reducing frizz, friction, they're great to sleep in.

And then on top of it, They are a very slim and sleek design. So while we made them for our curling headband, we know that they are amazing scrunchies in general, and our five pack of black scrunchies are now available on FabFitFun's website for this week, part of their sale price, and they are a amazing and included with our scrunchies is also a cute little storage container key ring so that you don't lose them. Cause I know my, my like drawer of all my hair ties is a mess. So this just helps to keep everything nice and organized.

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