Avoid These Products for a Surprising Difference in Heatless Curl Outcomes

Posted by Emily Kenison on

Curious about why your heatless curls sometimes fall flat? Well, it might be the products you're using! I tried out a couple, Olaplex against L'Oreal, and you'll be surprised by the difference in curl outcomes.

To illustrate, I split my hair routine in half, using Olaplex No. 4 and No. 5 on one side, known for its super hair restorative and moisture-intensive properties meant to repair damaged hair. On the other side, I went with the regular L'Oreal Volumizing Shampoo Conditioner.

Olaplex, while fantastic for damaged hair, turned my curls into something I didn't sign up for. Despite being 100% dry, my hair appeared too bloated and overly moisturized, making it challenging for the curls to set properly. On the other side, using L'Oreal resulted in more natural, defined curls that looked exactly how I intended.

The key takeaway? The products you use can make or break your heatless curls. So, next time you're reaching for those hair products, remember: they're essential to your heatless curls.

For the full breakdown, watch the video here

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