Our top 3 heatless curls tips for layered hair.

Posted by Emily Kenison on

The advice is targeted at individuals with shorter or highly layered hair who struggle with their hair splaying out when wrapped. We have 3 tips for creating great heatless curls for you.

First, use smaller sections of hair for wrapping. It ensures that each strand is wrapped neatly, reducing the chances of splaying.

Second, if the hair is splaying, re-wrap the same section over itself instead of wrapping downwards.

Lastly, secure the scrunchie on rather than placing it at the end. The focus here is on securing the hair closer to the wrapping, ensuring that the previous wraps stay in place.

If there are still strands splaying out, tuck them in. Twisting and tucking it in the back with your headband helps in securing any loose ends, providing a final touch to the wrapped hairstyle.

For the full video showing these tips in action, click here

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