Taking off RobeCurls and Revealing Gorgeous Heatless Curls

Posted by Emily Kenison on

In this video, we go beyond the basics of just removing the headband – we're here to guide you on effortlessly maintaining those gorgeous curls. Once you've taken off the RobeCurls headband, we'll dive into the essential steps for keeping your curls in top-notch shape.

Firstly, we demonstrate the art of fluffing up your hair, offering a quick and easy technique to add volume and bounce to your curls. This step ensures that your curls don't flatten out, providing a fuller and more voluminous appearance.

Next, we introduce finger coiling, a game-changer for heatless curls. Learn to twist small hair sections in the direction of the RobeCurls headband for instant restoration of spiral curls, offering definition and structure to each curl.

Additionally, there is another concept on redefining your curls. You have the option to brush it out, achieving a chic retro 70s vibe. It's fantastic because it results in a softer, more relaxed, and wavier appearance.

Our tutorial offers diverse styling options, ranging from laid-back brushing for a casual, wavy look to structured finger coiling. Whether you're into a cool retro vibe or prefer a relaxed, carefree look, our guide suits all preferences. It's not just a tutorial; it's your essential guide to achieving fabulous, heat-free curls that last all day.

For the full video showing these tips in action, click here

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