RobeCurls Wins Gold American Business Award

NEWYORK, NY – April 27, 2022 - RobeCurls has won a 2022 American Business Award! Among over 3,700 nominations and 230 businesses, RobeCurls was awarded...

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RobeCurls Launches Mauve Curling Headband

NEW YORK, NY – February 22, 2022 - RobeCurls introduces a brand new color this week to join their Curling Headband products. In a creative...

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RobeCurls Launches In Walgreens

NEW YORK, NY – December 4, 2021 - Available on December 2nd, RobeCurls launches into mass retailer Walgreens within two months of starting the business....

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RobeCurls Launches Jade Curling Headband

NEW YORK, NY – December 2, 2021 - The RobeCurls limited edition holiday color has officially been released. Jade is the newest color to join...

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RobeCurls Is Now A member of 1% Of The Planet

NEW YORK, NY – November 16, 2021 - RobeCurls is partnering with 1% For The Planet to support eco-friendly practices and give back to the...

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RobeCurls Launches New Return Policy

NEWYORK, NY – November 10, 2021 - We released a return policy that is simple to lower our carbon footprint and keep customers happy. Instead...

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RobeCurls Wins Beauty Innovation Award

NEW YORK, NY – November 1, 2021 - RobeCurls wins their first Beauty Innovation Award in this year’s ceremony. The Beauty Innovation Awards recognizes companies...

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RobeCurls Collaborates With Alex Gaboury

NEW YORK, NY – October 10, 2021 - RobeCurls teams up in their first collaboration with Alex Gaboury, a hairstyling expert and content creator with...

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RobeCurls Gets Fully Funded On Indiegogo In 24 Hours

NEW YORK, NY – September 11, 2021 - RobeCurls receives 100% funding on Indiegogo campaign within 24 hours of launching. Backed by hundreds of supporters,...

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