RobeCurls Celebrates One Year Of Business

NEWYORK, NY – October 10, 2022 - RobeCurls announced the company’s birthday this week noting that since launch they have achieved award-winning status and brought...

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RobeCurls Releases First Cocktail Recipe With Launch!

NEWYORK, NY – August 31, 2022 - RobeCurls released their first cocktail recipe alongside the release of their Limited Edition RobeCurls Curling Headband. The recipe...

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Limited Edition Brings New Recipes For RobeCurls

NEWYORK, NY – August 31, 2022 - Alongside the introduction of the new Limited Edition Guava Curling Headband, RobeCurls released a mocktail recipe that can...

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RobeCurls Launches Student Program

NEWYORK, NY – August 3, 2022 - Emily got the chance to visit Delta Gamma at the University of Florida this month to launch RobeCurls...

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RobeCurls Customer Wears The Curling Headband While In Labor

NEW YORK, NY – July 21, 2022 - Woman wears her RobeCurls Curling Headband while in labor. Customer Laura S. thought of only one solution...

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RobeCurls launched Their Curlfriend Affiliate Program

NEW YORK, NY – July 11, 2022 - RobeCurls launches its first affiliate program. The Curlfriend Affiliate Program gives greater perks for those who can’t...

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RobeCurls Launches New Affiliate Program

NEW YORK, NY – July 11, 2022 - RobeCurls launches their first affiliate program to support the Curlfriend community. The RobeCurls Curlfriend affiliate program gives...

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RobeCurls Hosts First Virtual Event, Father Figure’s Day Workshop For Father’s Day 2022

NEW YORK, NY – June 19, 2022 - RobeCurls hosts their first virtual event, Father Figure’s Day Workshop for Father’s Day 2022. The event focused...

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RobeCurls Collaborates With Andrea Yamhure

NEW YORK, NY – June 1, 2022 - RobeCurls collaborates with content creator Andrea Yamhure. Known for her relatable videos on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram,...

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