Fashion Mannuscript Chronicles Emily Kenison's Journey and RobeCurls' Heatless Curling Headband Revolution

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NEW YORK, NY. – September 8, 2021 — Fashion Mannuscript, the esteemed publication, delves into the captivating journey of Emily Kenison and the groundbreaking heatless curling headband by RobeCurls. In the article titled "RobeCurls’ Curling Headband is the Answer to the Struggle for Heatless Curls," accessible at, written by Lauren D'Errico and published on September 8, 2021, readers are introduced to the story behind RobeCurls and their innovative solution for achieving stunning curls without the need for damaging heat styling tools.

According to the article, founder and inventor Emily Kenison was inspired by a viral TikTok hack involving a bathrobe belt to create beautiful curls. Determined to provide a better solution, Emily embarked on a journey that led to the development of RobeCurls' Curling Headband. Emily shares her passion for creating a product that meets the highest standards of comfort, style, and effectiveness: "I wanted something better; no more sacrificing my health, time, or money."

The article highlights the extensive research and development process undergone by RobeCurls, with over 500 individuals testing the product and providing valuable feedback. Through meticulous iterations and a deep understanding of hair science, RobeCurls has crafted a Curling Headband that not only delivers remarkable results but also promotes hair health and vitality.

In a featured article in Fashion Mannuscript, RobeCurls' Curling Headband takes center stage, solidifying the brand as a trailblazer in the heatless hairstyling industry. With its revolutionary innovation, RobeCurls empowers individuals to effortlessly achieve stunning curls, saving valuable time and boosting confidence. Committed to customer satisfaction and armed with an exciting pipeline of innovative products, RobeCurls is redefining the realm of effortless and healthy hair styling, paving the way for a future of limitless possibilities.

About RobeCurls: 

RobeCurls is the trailblazing brand reshaping hairstyling for generations to come with its groundbreaking heatless Curling HeadbandTM and its mission to inspire optimism through originality. Since its debut in 2020, the Curling Headband has paved the way for a completely new category of curling tools, and is heralded as the #1 award-winning heatless curler, amassing over 3,000+ 5-star reviews from real customers, and regularly featured in top press outlets like Glamour, TodayShow, BuzzFeed, and Cosmopolitan. Invented by founder Emily Kenison, RobeCurls' innovative, fashion-forward headband blends style and function, featuring their proprietary H2air-TexTM fabric designed to create longer-lasting curls and promote hair health. RobeCurls is redefining hair styling for generations to come and stands at the forefront of the hairstyling industry with its core values of delivering superior innovation and providing exceptional customer support, including CurlTalks – free 1-on-1 virtual consultations – that is reshaping the hairstying experience. RobeCurls is 100% woman-owned and dedicated to environmentally consciousness practices, proudly being Climate Neutral Certified and 1% for the Planet member. 

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Instagram: @robecurls 

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(979) 364-5364

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