RobeCurls is officially Climate Neutral Certified! 🌎

Posted by Emily Kenison on

I am so excited to announce that we are officially Climate Neutral Certified!

You might be wondering what that means if you haven’t heard it before.

Climate Neutral is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is working to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

They provide a trusted consumer standard that is international for climate neutrality and we are so excited that RobeCurls is now certified!

This means that when you buy our products, you are buying from a brand that is committed to eliminating carbon emissions.

We went through a lengthy certification process and assessed our impact on the planet from where our Curling Headbands are made to how they make it to your doorstep.

Moving forward, everything we do aligns with Climate Neutral’s high standards for protecting our incredibly beautiful planet.

If you’re interested in seeing what brands you love and if they are taking action for protecting our planet, head on over to to search for their carbon neutral commitments.

Thanks so much for trusting us as a brand. We are so grateful for this community and are committed to making products that you love and protect our planet.

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