Skinny Scrunch - Multi

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Meet the Skinny Scrunch™! We redesigned the scrunchie to make it perfect for heatless curling and beyond. Made from extra soft, eco-friendly 100% satin charmeuse, these scrunchies are gentle on your hair and won't pull or tug on your delicate strands. Our premium satin is perfect for overnight wear, as it glides through hair without snagging, protecting hair from breakage and damage. Designed with extra stretch, these scrunchies provide a comfortable and secure hold for your tresses without leaving any creases or dents. When used with your Curling Headband, the extra stretch ensures consistent curl shape, and the ultra slim design is perfect for wearing your Curling Headband out and about. With this slim and delicate design, these scrunchies elevate your style, whether worn day or overnight, in your hair or on your wrist.

Included with our Skinny Scrunch pack is a little bonus gift: a storage ring for your scrunchies! 

  • For all hair types and textures
  • Extra stretch for crease-free and secure hair styles, and creating consistent heatless curls
  • Satin glides through hair without snagging, protecting hair from breakage and damage
  • Ultra slim design can be worn day or overnight
  • The ultimate scrunchie for heatless curls and beyond

Made with antimicrobial material that is breathable and functional, Skinny Scrunch™ is the best scrunchy on the market. Get a set to match your RobeCurls® Curling Headband™, or keep an extra set on hand for when you need it most. With its secure, lasting hold, you can feel confident that your hair is well taken care of with Skinny Scrunch™. Try it today and experience the beauty of stress-free styling.

Our founder

Meet Emily Kenison, a first-generation Turkish-American inventor who creates innovative solutions for everyday consumers. Her passion for the environment and people drives her to redefine women-led entrepreneurship in the fashion and beauty industry. With her unique perspective and dedication to making a difference, Emily is leading the way in creating a new era of sustainable, user-friendly products.

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