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RobeCurls Launches New Return Policy

NEWYORK, NY – November 10, 2021 - We released a return policy that is simple to lower our carbon footprint and keep customers happy. Instead of using unnecessary dollars and resources to return a Curling Headband, we ask that customers gift the product to a friend. We still process the return, but also look at possible solutions to remedy the situation either through educational content, direct customer support, or one-on-one CurlTalk consultations. If a wrong product is sent, then we connect customers to a Customer Success Advocate to send the correct product to their doorstep. As a whole, our return policy focuses on customer support, product recycling, or gifting. To learn more, check out our return policy page.

About RobeCurls
Emikeni is on a mission to empower optimism through originality with creative avenues for women-led entrepreneurship and meaningful inventions that evolve industries to enhance daily life for individuals and the communities they love.

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Manvi Golcha
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