Why we built a return policy to help you - and your friends

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Recently at RobeCurls, we dubbed our new headquarters 🪩 Disco HQ.

You might be thinking that we just love a good disco dance battle - but in truth, we love to shine in every direction possible. That includes our returns and exchanges policy.

How E-Commerce Often Loses Its Way For Returns

You might be noticing that other brands are changing their returns policy, and it’s creating some tension between brands and customers. Most retail companies are trying to grasp at dollars where they feel they lose out on exchanges or returns, but where does that leave us as customers?

Confused, and honestly - very sour.

So rather than rounding up the Ben and Jerry’s for the biggest rant since that visit to a department store with your mom - we’re looking at a brighter way to handle returns.

Love It or Gift It

We’re pretty confident you will love our Curling Headband, but we know that it takes a few steps to get the swing of things. It’s why we offer one-on-one CurlTalks where you can hop on a call with one of our curling experts! They can help guide you in how to get the curls of your dreams and create a new way of styling your hair with your Curling Headband. Even better, it’s free!

If you are still not sure it is the right product for you, we offer a different alternative than other return policies out there. One of our core values as a company is to focus on genuine stewardship, which means we love the planet we live on and seek to protect it where we can.

Instead of using unnecessary dollars and resources on returning your Curling Headband, we ask that you gift it to someone else who could really enjoy learning how to curl their hair with heatless style! And don’t worry, we will still process your return if we have looked at all possible solutions to remedy the issue you may be having with our product.

If our product is truly not working out for you, get in touch with our customer success advocate at hello@robecurls.com with no stress involved.

What To Do If We Sent You The Wrong Product (oops!)

Our shipping crew has a lot on their shoulders and we do our absolute best to ensure the right product makes it to your doorstep. We know that mishaps can happen and seek to make it right every time. We simply ask for a little patience and to please contact our wonderful customer success advocate at hello@robecurls.com.

Trust The Curls

Returns aren’t a fun process for either side, but we hope that our Curling Headband meets your expectations to create the best curls that last all day. ☺️

When it comes down to it - if you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied!

Get your money back, gift your Curling Headband to a friend, or gently recycle it.

If you’re not sure what to do, get in touch with us! We care about you and are here to support your curl journey every step of the way.

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