New limited edition Teal Curling Headband is now in our shop! (Yes, we just upgraded Cassie’s 4 am routine)

On a chilly yet sunny day, the ocean turns a perfect shade of muted, calming blue. I have always been captivated by this color and...

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We went to the NY Design Better Future Awards and you’ll never believe this…

I can’t believe this myself, but we have won a third award this year!‍I sat in the audience at the awards show and was just...

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RobeCurls wins a Gold Titan Award!

We won a TITAN Gold Award! A year since launch, our RobeCurls Curling Headband is being embraced as a new product category for heatless hairstyling!...

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We won a Beauty Innovation Award for Hair Care Innovation!

I am constantly in awe of RobeCurls and the recognition we are receiving for The original Curling Headband! She is the queen of heatless curls...

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RobeCurls is in Glamour!

🥳  WE ARE FEATURED IN GLAMOUR!!! 🥳Just look at it, we are in awe over here! 😍 Glamour is a publication that our whole team...

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Go Anywhere With RobeCurls

Let’s face it, dragging our curling irons around on a trip or squeezing our pack of rollers into a suitcase has never been convenient. We...

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RobeCurls turns 1 today!

I am in awe of what this year has brought! A huge shoutout to you Curlfriend, you have made this dream possible! RobeCurls would not...

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Our Student Program has officially launched with a kickoff celebration at Downtown Fats!

At the end of August, we celebrated our first event as a company to launch our new Student Program at Downtown Fats in Gainesville, Florida!...

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Celebrate our new Limited Edition Guava with a Guava Cocktail Recipe!

Wondering what could go with your new Limited Edition RobeCurls Guava Curling Headband? Celebrate with us and try out our new Guava Cocktail recipe brought...

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