Why RobeCurls Lasts 5x Longer

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You might be wondering what makes RobeCurls Curling Headband so different from putting a bathrobe belt in your hair. Well, the viral craze of #robecurls that took us all by storm has inventively evolved since then. We’re here to share why RobeCurls lasts 5x longer, and all the things to look out for when considering the ideal look for healthier hair. 

Why Fabric Matters When It Comes to Curls

If you’re a fan of hair accessories like we are, you might notice that many products out there use polyester or cotton. While it is a great material to use for your clothing, it is not ideal when it comes to wicking away moisture. 

To keep your curls tight throughout the day, your hair needs a material that wicks away water while still locking in moisture. Our patent pending design does just that. With satin poly charmeuse and our H2AIR-TexTM technology, we created a Curling Headband that has antimicrobial properties to eliminate bacteria growth for healthy hair and a clean hair tool that is ready to use every day. 

Curls That Last 5x Longer

It is no secret that the curling iron has caused decades of frustration. With curls that fall out within hours and tools that damage our hair, we sought a new solution that not only creates longer-lasting curls, but also keeps your hair healthier too. 

Our RobeCurls Curling Headband works with natural drying processes that nature has already offered. Take for example a load of laundry that you hang up on a washing line. The air and sun dry it to create crisp and fresh laundry that is virtually wrinkle free. 

When you take the same load of laundry and toss it in the dryer on high heat, it forces the drying process to be faster, which can create wrinkles and reduce longevity for your clothing. Curling your hair works this way too. It forces your hair to behave differently, which does not work for every hair type and can damage your hair overtime. 

RobeCurls takes the natural approach. With our Curling Headband, your hair dries naturally to the shape of the wire that is underneath all the pillowy soft material to create curls that last 5x longer than any other invention out there. 

Get the Curls of Dreams

After testing our design on hundreds of people, we have created the hair tool that is made to be your everyday companion. Let’s face it, we are all tired of taking hours out of our day on a hairstyle that falls out within a couple hours. 

RobeCurls is made to last through your whole day. Whether you are spending it making waves of change at work, or relaxing at home with a bowl of chips in hand, our Curling Headband helps your curls stay strong and your mind feel at ease with the security of flawless curls.

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