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There are a few fundamentals around how to wrap your hair. The first is in the prepping process The second is in the wrapping process.

To start, find yourself a mirror or open up your camera on your phone or computer so you can see yourself. You will, of course, need your Curling Headband in hand and the two matching scrunchies that come with it. Once your hair is prepped and ready to go, part it into two sections.

Now here comes my best tip for you. Take the headband and fold it in half so there is a crease in the middle. You may have already noticed there is a wire along one side, and we’re going to place that wire right at the front of your head about one inch away from the hair line. To help as well, you can take one side of the headband and fold it at the halfway point and have the tip of it facing towards the sky (or ceiling, wherever you are).
From here you can adjust the headband where it feels most comfortable on your head.

Make a Pigtail With One Side

With the right side, we’re going to make a pigtail. This locks the headband into place to free up your hands to wrap the left side.

There are a couple of ways you can do a pigtail on one side. One is with one side creased at the halfway point (as mentioned above) or without the crease. Let’s talk about the crease first though for creating heatless curls.

You want the creased side to be on your dominant side (so for lefties, you will have to do the opposite of what I say here). Grab the hair on the right side and pull it up and over so it goes over the crease. Once it is over the crease, grab the base of the curling headband wrap it around itself to form a pigtail. It should feel like a tight scrunchie. Doing this helps to make sure the ends of the headband stay even in length, as well as keeping it tight and secure.

Now the other way is doing it without the crease. It is basically the same process, but a little more advanced! Have your arm in front with your elbows by your chest. Swoop in and grab the right section of your hair while holding down on the headband with your left hand. Grab the hair tightly by your ear and then pull it up and forward. Use your thumb or fingers to push the headband forward around the halfway crease. Use your fingers like before to wrap around the headband in a tight pigtail.

Wrap The Left Side

From here, we can wrap the left side of your hair. If you want larger curls, you can grab bigger sections of your hair. If you are looking to create tighter curls, use smaller sections as you wrap it around the curling headband. When you grab the initial section of hair, it should be about one inch deep. That stays true throughout the entire wrapping process. You should be grabbing hair that is along the headband line until you get to the ear. You never should grab sections from the back and try to bring it forward, as this will cause the headband to slide backwards.

Tips For Wrapping

To wrap your hair, pull sections up and over and then switch hands. I have my hair in my left hand and then switch it to my right hand to wrap it around. What I like to do is use my thumb to hold the section of hair in place. Make sure to go directly underneath the first section of hair and add it to the next section for wrapping over and under. You can even tug with the right hand to tighten the hair wrap, or you can make it looser, depending on your preference for heatless curls.

Continue to wrap over and under while using your thumb to hold it in place. Once you get to the ear, take the rest of the hair and wrap it until all the hair is wrapped around the headband. Each wrap should be touching the last to ensure you have consistent curls. Once you get to the end, all you have to do is add your Skinny Scrunch to tie it off. Then do the same steps on the other side.

Once you have both sides wrapped, you can twist each side away from your face to tighten it. It will make for a secure wrap this way. For smaller curls, twist tighter, or loosen the curls for a beachy wave look. You can wear the headband to sleep this way, or twist the ends in any way that is comfortable.

Wear As A Stylish Updo

If you’re looking to wear the headband as an updo, there are a couple ways to do this!

I take my right hand and grab the left side of the headband, then I take my left hand and grab the right end of the curling headband. Pull them across and tuck one end under and the other end over. It wraps everything into place, including any loose ends that didn’t make it during the wrapping process. You also can wrap the ends around like a rose or bun style.

Your headband should be comfortable and secure now! You look cute Curlfriend!

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