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Nefty's Long Wavy Hair

Nefty grew up in Miami with the dream to one day own her own fashion company in a space where she can make a difference for females in underprivileged communities. As a first-generation Cuban American, she speaks five different languages and is continually inspired by the freedom of expression to speak up against injustices and create a business that makes impact. Nefty is always on the go, which makes wearing her Curling Headband a perfect fit for looking put together with no effort!

Instagram: @Nefty.Mayelin




"Amazing product!No more heat damage."

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips that are just for Long Wavy Hair.

  • To help hold the curl better, you can add a squirt of mousse, gel, or oil with water into the Mr.Spritzer bottle before dampening your hair
  • Focus on the ear level down when dampening the hair with Mr.Spritzer to get it 80% wet/20% dry
  • Don’t brush through your hair, it will add unwanted extra frizz
  • Use 1-inch sections around the headband
  • Use a little bit of mousse after you take the headband out to scrunch the hair further and control the volume


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