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Maggie's Short Wavy Hair

Meet Maggie, an ambitious and creative college student with a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Her entrepreneurial spirit and talent for problem-solving have earned her recognition on campus and in the local business community. When she's not working on her latest project, Maggie enjoys exploring the outdoors and spending time with friends. Her positive energy and can-do attitude make her a standout among her peers.




"My newgo-to for perfect curls."

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips that are just for Short Wavy Hair.

  • To help hold the curl better, you can add a squirt of mousse with water into the Mr.Spritzer bottle before dampening your hair
  • Place the headband a ½ inch down your part line and use ½ inch/smaller sections when wrapping your hair around
  • Angle the headband about 2-3 inches away from the ear - this will hold it more securely for short hair
  • Focus on mid-length and down (the face-framing pieces)
  • Leave bangs out and style them as you normally would
  • Add more water if the headband feels like it is slipping when putting it on
  • If ends are poking out, tuck them in after you put the scrunchies in place
  • Add bobby pins to secure any sections into place that may feel loose


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