General Questions

For real though, what is this RobeCurls Curling Headband?
What makes RobeCurls better than other products out there?
What is RobeCurls made of?


What are CurlTalks?

Will RobeCurls work for me?

I have short hair, can I still use the Curling Headband?
I have long hair, will this still work for me?
When I use a curling iron, the curls fall out within an hour! Will my curls last longer with RobeCurls?
My hair is already curly and wavy, is it worth using a Curling Headband?
Will it work with layers?
Will it work with extensions, weaves, and wigs?
Does RobeCurls work with textured and thick hair?

Where can I wear my curling headband?

Can I sleep comfortably while wearing it?
Can I wear my Curling Headband while exercising?
Can I wear it as a hair accessory to an event?

How do I take care of my curling headband?

How do I take care of my curling headband?
The inner lining keeps bunching up on one side. How do I fix this?

How do I use my Curling Headband?

How do I use my Curling Headband?
Do I wrap my hair when it is wet or dry?
How long do I leave my headband in for?
Is there a product that you recommend to use with the Curling Headband?
Is it safe to use on children’s hair?

I’m doing something wrong - HELP!

My curls are falling out - what can I do?
My headband keeps sliding when I’m wrapping the first section - how can I solve this?
I’m trying to make my curls look like the pictures - but the struggle is real
I still need extra help!

I’m having problems with my order

What do I do if I’m having problems with my order?
When will you restock the color or product that I’m looking for?

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