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🌺 Long-Lasting Bouncy Curls Without Heat
⏳ Quick & Easy to Use
👸 Suitable for a Variety of Hair Types
⛹️‍♀️ On The Go & Overnight
🧳 Easy to Carry for Travel

Introducing the Original Heatless Curling Headband™ by RobeCurls®, a revolutionary hair curler designed for effortless and healthy hairstyling. Invented by Emily Kenison, this patented and award-winning product is ideal for achieving customizable curls without heat damage. Its unique design features an integrated wire in a soft, pillowy material, allowing you to easily adjust the size of your curls. Crafted from premium satin charmeuse with a proprietary H²air-Tex plush lining, it ensures longer-lasting curls while being gentle on your hair.

Perfect for any occasion, from a day out with friends to a comfortable night in, the Curling Headband™ is versatile and easy to use. It's eco-friendly, machine washable, and boasts anti-microbial and antibacterial properties, ensuring it stays fresh throughout the day. The headband's plush microfiber fleece lining helps create curls ranging from 1” to 1 ½” in size. Simply wrap your hair around the headband, wear it as you go about your day or overnight, and enjoy beautiful curls with a comfortable fit.

RobeCurls® offers a unique experience in heatless hairstyling, reducing frizz and hair breakage. Each purchase comes with a free virtual 1-on-1 Curl Class, guiding you to achieve your ideal hairstyle. Try the RobeCurls® Curling Headband™ today and transform your hair styling routine with the magic of heatless curls.

This bundle includes the innovative Mr. Spritzer, a Microfine Mist Spray Bottle. This essential tool complements the heatless curling process by preparing your hair effectively. Mr. Spritzer evenly distributes a fine mist of moisture onto your strands, creating the perfect condition for using the Curling Headband™. This ensures your hair is optimally prepped for curling, enhancing the effectiveness of the heatless styling process.

And with Skinny Scrunch™, you'll never have to worry about your scrunchies stretching out again. This stress-free design is perfect for all hair types and provides reliable hold throughout the day.

Together, the Curling Headband™, Skinny Scrunch™, and Mr. Spritzer make an ideal combination for achieving beautiful, long-lasting curls with ease and comfort.Try our bundle today and experience the magic of heatless curls with RobeCurls®.


Try our bundle today and experience the magic of heatless curls with RobeCurls®.

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Founder & Inventor

Meet the founder Emily Kenison, a first-generation Turkish-American inventor who creates innovative solutions to empower women to make waves. She created an entirely new category in the hair industry for heatless hair curlers and is on a mission to support women-led inventions for life’s everyday essentials.

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