RobeCurls Receives First Major Press Feature by TODAY, Heralded for Revolutionizing Hair Styling with its Original Heatless Curling Headband:

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NEW YORK, NY Dec. 16, 2021 — RobeCurls, the innovative beauty brand that has taken the world by storm with its revolutionary Original Curling Headband, is thrilled to announce its feature in its major press publication, TODAY. The TODAY article, titled "This viral curling trend isn't going anywhere — not when my hair looks this good," was penned by renowned writer and TODAY Associate Editor, Danielle Murphy, and is available at  In the article, Danielle Murphy showcases the immense success and excitement surrounding the RobeCurls product

The RobeCurls Original Curling Headband has garnered widespread attention for its ingenious approach to hair styling, providing a hassle-free solution for achieving stunning curls without the need for heat or hours of effort. The headband, inspired by a viral TikTok trend, has quickly become a go-to tool for those looking to effortlessly achieve voluminous curls with minimal time investment.

"Seeing this incredible write-up by Danielle Murphy left our whole team shocked, thrilled and honored. As a small, newly launched brand, we had no idea RobeCurls was even on TODAY's radar, at least not yet. Danielle Murphy and the TODAY team has put RobeCurls on the map, and we are forever grateful" said Emily Kenison, the inventive mind behind RobeCurls. "The response to our Original Curling Headband has been overwhelming, and being recognized in such a significant publication is a testament to the innovation and effectiveness of our patented product."

The article highlights how the RobeCurls Original Curling Headband has captured the attention of individuals seeking a convenient and effective hair styling solution. With its smooth satin charmeuse exterior and microfiber fleece lining, the headband ensures a comfortable fit while gently shaping hair into beautiful curls. The absence of heat makes it a healthier alternative for hair, and its straightforward usage has made it a game-changer for busy individuals looking to achieve stunning hairstyles effortlessly.

"We've aimed to create a tool that not only delivers exceptional results but also simplifies the hair styling process," Kenison emphasized. "Being able to achieve gorgeous curls from a stylish headband that takes seconds to use is immensely empowering for women everywhere.  We're excited to continue spreading the convenience and style that RobeCurls brings to the world of hair care."

The RobeCurls Original Curling Headband offers a convenient alternative to traditional curling methods, as highlighted in the article's detailed walkthrough of the product's usage. By providing step-by-step instructions and a QR code leading to a video tutorial, the headband ensures that users can effortlessly create their desired curls with ease and confidence.

As the brand gains further recognition through this major press feature, RobeCurls remains dedicated to enhancing the hair styling experience for individuals worldwide. With an ever-growing community of satisfied customers and an expanding range of innovative beauty products, RobeCurls is set to redefine hair care routines and empower users to embrace their natural beauty effortlessly.

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About RobeCurls: RobeCurls is a pioneering beauty brand focused on simplifying hair styling routines and delivering exceptional results without the need for excessive time or heat exposure. Its flagship product, the Original Curling Headband, has gained widespread acclaim for its innovative design and ability to create stunning curls effortlessly. With a commitment to enhancing the hair care experience, RobeCurls continues to revolutionize the beauty industry by introducing effective and user-friendly solutions. 

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