RobeCurls Ironically Breaks Category, Being the First Heatless Curler to Earn Spot on Top Healthiest Curling Iron List

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NEW YORK, NY. Sept. 7, 2023 — RobeCurls, home of the innovative, patented heatless curling headband, is thrilled to announce its inclusion in Fast Chronicle's prestigious list of the "Best Curling Irons That Won't Damage Hair." The article is available at this link: and marks the first time that a heatless curler has been included in a top curling iron list by a publication.

Fast Chronicle's recent article, authored by hair care expert Amelia Collins and published on September 7, 2023, highlights the importance of finding a curling iron that prioritizes hair health. The article offers valuable insights for consumers looking for effective and safe curling tools. While all of the products featured in the list are traditional curling irons, RobeCurls stands out. Uniquely it is not a curling iron, but a heatless curler. RobeCurls heatless curling headband revolutionary product allows users to achieve the perfect curls while removing the risk of heat-related damage, and with proprietary fabrics that maximize hair health and curl longevity. 

With zero damage, zero heat, RobeCurls's success has earned plenty of top media recognition for its commitment to hair health and styling innovation. This time, ironically its in the the curling iron category, a category well known for causing hair's damage, with that pain point being the genesis story for inventing RobeCurls heatless curling headband. 

Emily Kenison, the founder of RobeCurls founder and inventor of the heatless curling headband, added, "Our mission has always been to redefine hair styling, with hair health at it's core. This acknowledgment confirms that our inventions are making an impact in traditional hot curling tools categories, disrupting the category to the point that the category is now embracing it as a new wave. It inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries of beauty innovation." 

RobeCurls is delighted to be recognized in a publication known for its dedication to providing consumers with trusted information. The company's mission has always been to offer a convenient, heat-free solution for achieving beautiful curls without compromising hair health.

Unlike conventional curling irons that use high temperatures to style hair, RobeCurls employs a gentle and heatless approach. By wrapping the hair around the headband and allowing it to set, users can achieve gorgeous, damage-free curls with ease. This unique approach minimizes the risk of hair damage, split ends, and breakage, making it a must-have tool for anyone seeking a safer way to curl their hair.

Fast Chronicle's acknowledgment of RobeCurls demonstrates the product's growing popularity and reputation within the beauty industry. The company looks forward to continuing its mission of providing hair enthusiasts with innovative, health-conscious styling options.

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About RobeCurls:

RobeCurls is a pioneering hair care brand dedicated to redefining the way people style their hair. With a focus on innovation and hair health, RobeCurls has developed a heatless curling headband that produces stunning curls with zero heat. This revolutionary product allows users to achieve the perfect curls while removing the risk of heat-related damage, and with proprietary fabrics that maximize hair health and curl longevity. Learn more at

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