Buzzfeed Features RobeCurls Heatless Curling Headband in Customer Rave Reviews Product List

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NEW YORK, NY. -  July 24, 2023 — RobeCurls, a customer-centric brand known for their revolutionary heatless curling headband, has been featured in a Buzzfeed article titled "31 Products That Reviewers Say Deserve More Than 5 Stars" written by Melanie Aman. The article  is accessible at:, and showcases 31 products reviewers claim deserve more than five stars, with RobeCurls' curling headband taking center stage.

The article, which focuses on the quality and quantity of rave reviews RobeCurls has received, is a testament to RobeCurls' exceptional product quality, customer satisfaction, and trailblazing role in creating a new category within the beauty industry.

Since its inception, RobeCurls has strived to prioritize its customers' needs and provide them with outstanding products that truly deliver on their promises. With over 2,000 genuine 5-star reviews on Amazon, RobeCurls has garnered a loyal and satisfied customer base, a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence.

At the heart of RobeCurls' success is their groundbreaking invention, the heatless curling headband, which was invented by the visionary founder, Emily Kenison. Launched in 2020, RobeCurls was the pioneer in introducing this innovative product to the market. Emily Kenison, the mastermind behind the brand, remarked, "There was literally nothing else like it when we launched! It is wild to see how we have sparked an entirely new category with our trailblazing invention."

While imitation products flood the market, RobeCurls has maintained its position as the best in the industry due to its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Unlike cheap knockoffs, RobeCurls' heatless curling headband stands out for its superior performance and durability.

To ensure their customers fully benefit from their product, RobeCurls goes the extra mile by offering a unique and personalized customer experience. Their CurlTalks, a one-on-one 15-minute curl class, is provided free of charge to all customers. This interactive session ensures that customers know exactly how to use the product and achieve the best results possible. RobeCurls firmly believes in standing by their customers and supporting them throughout their journey.

Being recognized in the Buzzfeed article validates RobeCurls' commitment to excellence and reinforces their reputation as an industry leader. The brand is dedicated to continuously enhancing their products and exploring new ways to delight their customers.

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About RobeCurls:

RobeCurls is a customer-centric brand founded by Emily Kenison. The brand is known for its trailblazing invention, the heatless curling headband, which has sparked a new category within the beauty industry. With over 2,000 authentic 5-star reviews on Amazon, RobeCurls continues to prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction. The brand offers free CurlTalks, a 1-on-1 15-minute curl class, to all customers, ensuring they make the most of their purchase.

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