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NEW YORK, NY. – April 6, 2024 — RobeCurls, founded by Emily Kenison, an attorney turned entrepreneur, takes center stage in a recent feature by Authority Magazine, a Medium publication. The article delves into Kenison's inspiring journey, highlighting her commitment to redefining women-led inventions and empowering female entrepreneurs. Published on April 6, 2024, by Yitzi Weiner, the article titled "Emily Kenison of RobeCurls: Why We Need More Women Founders & Here Is What We Are Doing To Make That Happen" explores Kenison's entrepreneurial drive and innovative spirit. You can read the full article here.

In the captivating article, Kenison shares her transition from a successful legal career to the realm of entrepreneurship, driven by a passion for innovation and a desire to make a difference. Reflecting on her journey, Kenison reveals the pivotal moment that led to the creation of RobeCurls — a viral TikTok trend featuring women attempting to curl their hair with a bathrobe belt. With determination and just $500, Kenison introduced RobeCurls, the world's first heatless curling headband, to the market in 2020.

Emily Kenison, the visionary behind RobeCurls, expressed her heartfelt appreciation, recalling the surreal moment of spotting a stranger adorned in her revolutionary heatless curling headband. Her journey underscores the resilience and determination crucial for entrepreneurial success, epitomizing the transformative power of female-led innovation. Kenison's mission echoes her belief that a single idea can spark monumental change, driving her to inspire and empower women in the entrepreneurial sphere. Through RobeCurls, she not only revolutionizes the hair care industry but also becomes a guiding light for aspiring female founders.

Emily Kenison's journey from lawyer to inventor, as featured in Authority Magazine on Medium, showcases her dedication to innovation and female entrepreneurship. Through RobeCurls, she has not only revolutionized the hair care industry with the world's first heatless curling headband but also serves as a beacon of empowerment for aspiring female founders. Kenison's commitment to sustainability and community engagement, evident in initiatives like CurlTalks, underscores her mission to inspire and support women in bringing their ideas to market. As RobeCurls continues to thrive, Kenison's story resonates as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and female-led innovation.


About RobeCurls:
RobeCurlsⓇ is the trailblazing brand reshaping hairstyling for generations to come with its groundbreaking heatless Curling HeadbandTM and its mission to inspire optimism through originality. Since its debut in 2020, the Curling Headband has paved the way for a completely new category of curling tools, and is heralded as the #1 award-winning heatless curler, amassing over 3,000+ 5-star reviews from real customers, and regularly featured in top press outlets like Glamour, TodayShow, BuzzFeed, and Cosmopolitan. Invented by founder Emily Kenison, RobeCurls' innovative, fashion-forward headband blends style and function, featuring their proprietary H2air-TexTM fabric designed to create longer-lasting curls and promote hair health. RobeCurls is redefining hair styling for generations to come and stands at the forefront of the hairstyling industry with its core values of delivering superior innovation and providing exceptional customer support, including CurlTalks – free 1-on-1 virtual consultations – that is reshaping the hairstying experience. RobeCurls is 100% woman-owned and dedicated to environmentally consciousness practices, proudly being Climate Neutral Certified and 1% for the Planet member.

For more information:
Instagram: @robecurls
YouTube: @robecurls

Press contact:
(979) 364-5364

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