This is how to sleep comfortably with your Curling Headband!

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When I created this product, I wanted to make sure that we could all wake up with beautiful curls.

When creating my initial designs for our Curling Headband, there were many aspects to consider to help make it the best product out there. One of those vital aspects that I wanted to make a priority was comfort.

We have suffered long enough with hot curling irons and limited time, so I wanted this design to include a pillowy soft feeling for sleep so you could wake up with ready to go curls in the morning.

If you’re familiar with our Curling Headband than you may already know that it uses our H²air-Tex microfiber fleece that makes it extra pillowy soft and takes away moisture quickly to lock in those curls.

The integrated wire that is wrapped within the outer lining of satin charmeuse fabric ensures your hair is secure and locking in natural moisture throughout the night to really define those curls.

If you’ve watched our other tutorials then you know that the headband can be twisted in the back to lock it into place. If that’s uncomfortable while you are sleeping, then you can twist the wire in any form to make it the most comfortable for going to sleep in.

Watch the tutorial here to see the ram horns, up and down, and all the different styles that make sleeping comfortable possible!

Watch here

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