Sip on a Guava Mocktail and Celebrate our Limited Edition Guava Curling Headband!

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Our incredibly talented Product Manager is also a skilled mixologist and she’s crafted a wonderful recipe to go with our new Limited Edition RobeCurls Guava Curling Headband!

Sit back, relax, and curl your hair while creating this delicious mocktail made just for you Curlfriend!

Ingredients you’ll need:
→ Guava juice
→ Mint Leaves
→ Guava kombucha (or substitute with soda water or another regular kombucha)
→ Guava slices
→ Ice

Items you’ll need
→ A shaker (or two cups of different sizes)
→ A jigger for measuring
→ A drink strainer (or a strainer you use for regular ole’ spaghetti)
→ A cup or glass of choice

Steps for making your guava mocktail

Step 1:
Get your shaker ready by adding ice and set your glass or cup to the side

Step 2:
Start out with 3 ounces of guava juice and add it to the shaker

Step 3:
Add 8 ounces of kombucha (or soda water)

Step 4:
Grab your mint and set it on your hand to clap it a few times. Squeeze the mint a little to pull out the flavor and add it to the shaker

Step 5:
Do. Not. Shake. This is not the movies here and kombucha is carbonated, which means it will explode in your face. Gently move the shaker from side to side to get all the flavor out

Step 6:
Grab your cup and add a little ice to it if you want and pour the mixture into your cup or glass

Step 8:
Add some mint to garnish with the same technique as above and drop it in your drink.

Step 9:
Grab your guava slice and run it along the rim. Leave it on the side of the cup as a garnish!

Tip: If you don’t have a shaker, you can use two different sizes of cups at home that can fit into each other to get the same effect.

Review: Yum!

Do you love this guava mocktail recipe? Share with us your creations and tag us @robecurls and add #guavamocktail for a chance to be featured on our Curlfriend Shoutout Segment!

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