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We are so excited that RobeCurls has won six awards this year and is considered the #1 heatless hair curler! We wouldn’t be here without your incredible reviews this year!


Laura S.

I wore it while in labor and felt gorgeous!

Thank you, RobeCurls!! I have found this curling band to be the most reliable, most comfortable to sleep in, and makes an amazingly adorable hairstyle while your hair dries/sets. I even wore it while I was in labor! I felt gorgeous and sweaty but well kept. The hair scrunchies are soft, light material, and versatile! Thank you again, Genius Humans!




I usually use a wand or hair straightener to curl my hair but heatless curls has always been a goal for me. One time I even used paper bag strips lol. This product is beyond amazing. It’s so convenient when you’re running around cleaning, running errands, traveling, etc. cause you can just stuff it in your purse afterwards. It even holds up when I’m sleeping, especially when I constantly toss and turn. I ordered the one in black but I’m gonna purchase the rose colored one as well.


Jacquelyn C.

This one is the ONLY one that has worked

I have tried many different heatless curl systems but this one is the ONLY one that has worked on my board straight hair. The wire is undetectable on your head until you bend the headband around your hair at the end - let me tell you, it makes a world of difference in creating the curls! Don't hesitate to buy, I wish I hadn't kept my old one around for so long!


India B.

I love this thing!

UGH, I love this thing! Where has this been?! I work from home so I can keep my 'milkmaid' hairdo while working during the day and by night I release the curls and am ready to go about my evening activities. With my hair the curls last all week!


Cecilia R.

Curls lasted DAYS!

These gave me the same results as a hot tool that damages my hair! And plus the curls lasted DAYS! They did become more wavy by day 3 but they were GORGEOUS still! Thank you for an amazing product! There's a lot of products like this but I haven't seen one with a bendable strong wire. It is a game changer! Thank you!

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