Heatless curls on dry or damp hair? Here's how to get the best results

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A question we get asked a lot is should I use RobeCurls on dry or damp hair? The answer depends on the curl shape and longevity you are looking to achieve, and the type of hair you have.

Here is our expert recommendations.

Setting with damp hair will create longest lasting heatless curls.

Compared to using on dry hair, your wet and set curls are going to last significantly longer. However, getting your hair the right amount of damp (super very lightly damp) is key, and the best way to create longest lasting curls.  

How to dampen your hair correctly is key.

To do so, we recommend starting with dry hair and using a water spray bottle to lightly mist your hair ear level down, so it is cool to the touch (not soggy wet).   The RobeCurls Mr. Spritzer micro-fine mister is perfect for this, as it applies a very light continuous spray of water and does not overly dampen your hair. 

  • If you don't have RobeCurls Mr. Spritzer bottle, the next best thing is to soak a washcloth, wring it out (very tightly), and then wipe your hair (again, focusing on strands ear level down).
  • Do not use right after you shower (hair is too wet). 
  • Watch this video for a demo of how to correctly dampen your hair. 


As we describe in
this video, how long you need to wear it until it is dry is dependent on a couple factors (your hair type and porosity, weather/humidity, and how damp your hair was to begin with). 

Even if your hair is only ever so lightly still wet when you remove RobeCurls, your curls will not have set. Curls will look stringy and won't have a consistent curl shape. Not what we are going for. 

If this happens, simply pop back on the headband and wear until hair is 100% dry. If you put a blowdryer to it, yes, it will speed up the process. But note, curls will likely not hold as long because of the principles of heat and how it affects the hair at a molecular level.

For more info on why this happens, check out our science of hair video.  

Can I use on dry hair? Should I? 

Yes, you can! It will create looser, softer curls, as you can see in this video. If your hair is naturally wavy, and normally holds a curling iron curl, this will be something you want to try, since using on dry hair will create long lasting soft, loose, beachy waves. However, if your hair is naturally straight and does not normally hold a curling iron curl, you can still do on dry hair, but the curls will not last as long.

Showering pro tip. Use on dry hair & wear under a shower cap. 

The steam from your shower will add moisture to your dry hair and help lock it in place, and you can take it off once you are done with your shower and getting ready.

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