Heatless curls last for days! Curling iron curls go flat fast. But why? Here’s the science behind it.

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If you’re reading this, then you may have some idea about heatless hair curlers. What people don’t talk about is why heatless works better than heat. For a long time we have been taught to trust our curling irons to look after us, but they burned us…literally and figuratively. We fried our hair over time, and at times, the curls would barely stay in.

Well, there is a reason for that. In fact, the science behind the way our hair behaves shows us what tools and materials actually work.

So I’m here to share with you the science behind heatless hair curlers and why it’s healthier, easier, and gives you more time in your day!

The Science of Hair

Knowing how your hair reacts can help you understand what heatless hair curlers are the best on today’s market. It also gives insight into why curling irons simply just don’t measure up anymore.

First things first, let’s talk about hair structure. Deep within the hair structure, there are cross bonds and linkages that create a network of strength that holds up the hair fiber. It also is the reason we can bend hair fibers to our styling whims.

There are three types of hair bonds that exist. Those three types are hydrogen bonds, salt bonds, and disulfide bonds.

Those bonds react to the environment around you and how you bend, braid, or style your hair. When your hair gets wet by shampooing it, or the presence of rain or humidity in the air, the water molecules are introduced to your hair fiber and start moving in to break up the hydrogen bonds to alter the appearance of it.

Hydrogen bonding allows the hair to change shape temporarily and produces a remarkably strong hold. Roller sets, flat-ironed hair, and twist outs are all examples of tools that are used to manipulate the hydrogen bonds in your hair to style it. Those bonds stay tightly together as your hair dries and stays in the shape it was prepped in.

Why Heat Tools Don’t Keep Curls

Contrary to what the beauty industry has taught, hot hair tools actually strip your hair of its natural moisture and oils that it produces. As a result, your hair actually ends up drier than the air around you. This creates the unwanted side effect of split ends, frizz, and pesky flyaways.

Humid air holds more water than your hair does, which means those water molecules around you will try to balance your hair by over saturating the hair fibers. Once the water molecules have infiltrated your hair fibers, they restructure the hydrogen bonds that were made while curling your hair with heat.

Overtime, heat also causes structural damage to your hair that is irreversible. But they don’t put that on the packaging of a curling iron.

Materials Used in Heatless Hair Curlers

Chances are you have come across heatless hair curlers that are made from cotton, foam, or polyester.

Cotton is great for other situations, but it is an over absorber when it comes to your hair. It also is prone to bacterial build up and can have trouble fully drying out if your hair is too wet. Foam and polyester have the opposite problem. They don’t dry your hair at all. Think of it like wrapping your hair around a pool noodle. It would never properly dry, and that’s true for any heatless hair curler that has foam or polyester on the inside of the rod.

After researching into every possible material that would work for hair, we found one thing to be the best. We even applied for a patent for it, which is how much we believe in our material of H²air-Tex microfiber fleece. Microfiber fleece is quick-drying, antibacterial, and keeps the natural moisture of your hair for curls that last 5x longer than any other hair tool on the market today.

Naturally Working With Hydrogen Bonds

RobeCurls Curling Headband works with the natural processes of your hair by molding the hydrogen bonds in your hair to form curls that lock in moisture and hydrate in all the best ways. Outside the pillowy soft liner of microfiber fleece is a satin charmeuse exterior that is finely woven and vegan-friendly. The fabric calms frizz friction, reduces split ends, and protects your hair to keep it healthy. Even better, our Curling Headband is machine washable too!

Designed For Heatless Style

The science behind how hair dries with certain materials directly influenced how I designed RobeCurls Curling Headband. I wanted the best out there to give you great results for curls that last all day. Here at RobeCurls HQ, we are creating a new path forward in this industry for all hair types and I am excited to continue to show you how healthy heatless curls are possible!

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