Hair Curler Tip: Say Goodbye to Poofs and Get Back Curls Started Sooner

Posted by Emily Kenison on

Hey Curlfriend! Ever noticed that poof in your updo that's just not cutting it? I've got a quick fix for you, and it's all about your wrapping technique.

Here's what's happening: when you wrap your hair bit by bit, you end up with that awkward poof and curls starting late in the back. Not the look we're going for!

So, how do we fix it? Wait until you reach your ear, then combine all the remaining hair into one section and wrap it together. This starts the curls sooner, avoids the poof, and makes your updo comfy and secure.

Say hello to a beautiful, poof-free updo! Hope this helps. If you have questions or need more tips, drop a comment below. You're our Curlfriend! 💁‍♀️✨

For a full tutorial, watch the video here

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