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JuJu's Long Straight Hair

Meet JuJu, a driven college student with a passion for learning and growth. Her outgoing personality and love for adventure make her a hit with friends and classmates. When not studying, JuJu explores the city and pursues creative projects in music, art, and photography. Her boundless energy and positive attitude inspire those around her.




"Obsessed with my beautiful curls!"

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips that are just for Long Straight Hair.

  • To help hold the curl better, you can add a squirt of mousse with water into the Mr.Spritzer bottle before dampening your hair
  • Focus on the ear level down when dampening the hair with Mr.Spritzer
  • After your hair completely dries, you can finger coil and recreate the shape throughout the day
  • Mousse is the best thing for extra hold, so try to avoid hairspray when you can as it can weigh the curls down


Learn with Emily

The Inventor & Founder of RobeCurls shows us how it's done.