Empower wave makers to realize their true potential.

Our purpose

Born from inspiration and backed by innovation. We created the first headband purposefully designed to give you curls and waves. Anytime, anywhere.

Real fashion isn’t about following trends, it is about following movements that bring us into a better future. And the greatest movement right now is health. Healthier body, mind and world. We combine innovative techniques for the industry with a uniquely compelling customer experience.

We want to put a smile on your face knowing that your hair is in good hands. Our goal is to improve your hair and lifestyle.

Spend less time doing your hair spend more time doing what you love.

Our story

We started with zero cash in the bank. We went from idea to launch, launching 50 units of our first prototype made by a local fashion college student. Two days later were sold out with 4 stars reviews. But we knew it could be better. So we talked with our customers. With their feedback, we improved the design, with the profit made, we placed a new, improved order. We repeated this loop for a full year...while scaling production so we could try to keep up with demand. The result is the product you see before you today. Tested on over 500 women (and some men), we made sure it worked! Short hair, long hair, super straight hair, curly hair, wigs, weaves, extensions.