Our mission is to empower optimism through originality

Our Story

Without two pennies to push together, Emily Kenison invented RobeCurls™ as an empowering solution to everyday hair frustrations. Inspired by the TikTok trend of #robecurls, Emily began working alongside a local fashion student to refine her invention. Through customer feedback from over 500 women and men, RobeCurls™ is an evolved hairstyle tool made for all hair types. Our patent pending inclusive design paired with eco-friendly practices and in partnership with 1% for the Planet ensures The Original Curling Headband™ is made for the movement of the future. 

Our purpose

We created the first Curling Headband™ that is purposefully created and innovatively designed for women to reach new waves of potential. We care about the products we use and are creating momentum towards inventions that make a difference in our everyday lives. With heatless hairstyling, our purpose is to reshape the story around curling techniques to create a new chapter for the future of fashion, beauty and healthy curls!

Our founder

Emily Kenison is a first-generation Turkish-American that invents innovative solutions for everyday consumers. Driven by care for the environment and the love of people, she has redefined women-led entrepreneurship to create a whole new era in the fashion and beauty industry. Make sure to checkout what else she is up to at Emikeni.com