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Wavy - Long

Meet Nefty

Nefty grew up in Miami with the dream to one day own her own fashion company in a space where she can make a difference for females in underprivileged communities. As a first-generation Cuban American, she speaks five different languages and is continually inspired by the freedom of expression to speak up against injustices and create a business that makes impact. Nefty is always on the go, which makes wearing her Curling Headband a perfect fit for looking put together with no effort!

Instagram: @Nefty.Mayelin

"I love the company and the product. I was able to sleep in the headband comfortably and wake up with fabulous hair. As a person who is always on the move and constantly staying busy, a product like RobeCurls which allows me to look put together with little to no effort, is definitely God-sent!"

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips that are just for Wavy - Long

  • Mix a little mousse with the water in the Mr. Spritzer for an even longer lasting hold.

Product used

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