June 19 2022
1 hour

Father Figure's Day

Hey Curlfriend,

Join our founder Emily Kenison on June 19th, 2022 for our Father Figure’s Day Workshop.

It's all about celebrating father-figures who showed up for us when we needed it the most!

It could be a neighbor, your friend, or even your brother who made all the difference in the world when it came to learning new skills and building your confidence.

So why not teach them a new skill too? <3 Whether you want to teach a friend who is chasing their kids around or want to help build up a community of father-figures who are well equipped to deal with hair, RobeCurls is here for it all.

Order a Curling Headband today and sign up to our Father Figure’s Day Workshop for you and a father-figure to learn how to curl together!

In order to participate, order your Curling Headband in advance so it is ready to go on June 19th! :D