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Alexa's Long Curly Hair

Meet Alexa, a fashion and beauty enthusiast with a love for trying out new looks. Her friendly and approachable nature make her a go-to source for fashion and beauty advice among her friends and family. Alexa's positive attitude and willingness to experiment with new trends and techniques have made her a delight to be around. Whether she's helping a friend pick out the perfect outfit or testing out a new makeup look, Alexa's passion for fashion and beauty shines through in everything she does.




"Curls that last for days. Game changer!"

Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips that are just for Long Curly Hair.

  • Brush hair with a comb as needed to add 1-inch sections
  • Add leave-in conditioner, mousse, or oil to your hair before you put the Curling Headband on
  • Lightly mist your hair until it is about 50% dry/50% wet to break up the curl pattern to reshape your hair
  • After your hair is dry and you have removed the headband, you can finger curl sections to give shape and break up a few curls for a wavy look or flip your hair upside down and shake them out


Learn with Emily

The Inventor & Founder of RobeCurls shows us how it's done.